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Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Speed Up ...
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A complete guide to improving your EQ and achieving success.Have you ever known a person who seems to respond perfectly to any interaction? He seems to have figured out all of himself and everyone else as well. Not only does he have smooth social abilities, he also seems to have a strong inward focus. He sets and tends to achieve good goals for himself. Such a person has a remarkably good intelligence of emotion and knows how to use it!Emotional Intelligence is the knowledge to give careful attention to yourself and other people´s emotions. It is a set of skills that human beings can use to operate in the world of feelings and emotions.You can recognize, manage, and articulate your emotions by emotional intelligence. It also allows you to smartly and compassionately appreciate interpersonal relationships. It is believed by so many to be a sufficiently important and distinct set of skills that evaluations were developed to measure an emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) analogous to traditional intelligence IQ evaluation.EQ, a term 30 years ago that was all but unknown, is now almost a household word. Businesses and schools around the world have implemented training programs in the belief that emotional intelligence skills will enhance their employees and students´ performance, leadership skills, and overall quality of life.But what exactly is emotional intelligence?How does it fit with personality and IQ?And, is it set from birth (or during early childhood), or can it be improved throughout life?This audiobook explores the nature of emotional intelligence by researching different theories and measurement approaches.It identifies and describes various tests and online quizzes you may take to gain a sense of your own emotional intelligence.Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence and achieve success with ´´Emotional Intelligence´´.You will learn:Introducing emot 1. Language: English. Narrator: Katrina Medina. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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